“Land Titling, Detecting Fake & defective Titles Seminar”

Mr. Lester Barut & Mr. Jeffrey Pangan successfully attended the seminar on “Land Titling, Detecting Fake & defective Titles” held on March 11, 2016 at Metroclub, Estrella St, Rockwell, Makati. The seminar consisted of the following topics: Background on the Torrens System, PD 1529 or the Property Registration Decree, Purpose of Registration, Characteristics of a Torrens Title, Functions of the LRA, Registration Procedure, PD 1529 – Judicial Registration, General Principles of Law & Expectations, Special Power of Attorney, Extra Judicial Settlements, Mortgages, Involuntary Transactions, Adverse Claims, Judicial Process, Consulta, Section 117 – Procedures, Guidelines and Tools in Detecting Fake & Spurious Titles & Update on the LRA Title Computerization Program.