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People Power Cooperative (PPC) is a service cooperative of self-employed and non-regular workers and professionals who want to improve the quality of their economic lives. It introduces the concept of transforming “employees” to “entrepreneurs” in a cooperative enterprise. With knowledge of pressing problems such as the issue of contractual workers and their productivity, PPC used a model which ensures the long – term engagement of these contractual employees via Self Employment. The model eliminates the disadvantages brought about by the current status of employer-employee relationship, thus, the formation of a self-employed worker cooperative. This ingenious solution makes each member enjoy the status of a self-employed worker by making them co-owners of the cooperative. We all are “coopitalists” bound by a common aim of providing gainful livelihood for each member of the cooperative. We give genuine concern for the marginalized workers by providing them more benefits, continuous education and training that would personal and professional growth. In PPC, we are all co-owners of a cooperative incorporated with the best business practices and cooperative principles so as to benefit not only the customers, but, more importantly, the members and the community at large as well.


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